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Valentine Offermann: How I got rid of swollen eyes, dark circles, wrinkles and bags under eyes for 1 month at home.

Note: EyesCover is sold exclusively online and you cannot find it in stores.

I've decided to tell my story - the story of not quite a young woman, desperately trying to be happy. The story is instructive, showing that sometimes all you need to be happy is a very little – some will, some luck and the desire to be beautiful ... !

"I live in the city of Canterbury in South East England, with a population of a little more than 150 thousand.

Eyes create the biggest impression of youthfulness or old age

I am 50 years old and I work as a maid in a hotel. I'm a widow. My only son married a couple of years ago and moved in with his wife in a larger city.We see each other at best once a month, bringing along my grandson.

I decided that I should do something about myself, because at 50 women want to feel good about themselves. I critically looked myself in the mirror. What do I want for myself, a 50-year-old small-town woman?

I believe that any woman, even those after 50, need a personal life rather than constantly fussing over children and grandchildren .

Particularly depressing were my eyes, surrounded by wrinkles and large dark circles. Eyes create the biggest impression of youthfulness or old age, so I had to do something about it.

But how? Plastic surgery? Not less than 3000 pounds. Some esoteric cosmetic procedure?Gas-liquid peeling, laser face lifting? Slightly more accessible - the rate is 1.5 - 2 thousand pounds. Plus a trip at some large city. How could I make the time? And yes, it was less expensive, but still expensive.

Particularly depressing were my eyes, surrounded by wrinkles and large dark circles

So, cosmetics. All sorts of creams and ointments, advertised as "rejuvenating the skin and having a peeling effect." I tried some of them for several months – spent so much money on them!
Maybe they've helped others, but in my case it was useless.

Anyone can dream of a miracle!

Then, at Christmas, (when the miracles happen, right?) In one of the rooms I was cleaning, I came across a woman, with some sort of mask on her face, like the ones you put on to sleep. The mask was golden, not black. I realized it's not a sleep mask, but a a newfangled facial mask !

Since my eyes were a sore point, I was very interested. I talked to the woman, not being able to resist my curiosity, and asked her about the mask.

Eye Mask EyesCover

I learned that she was using a special mask for her eyes, and its name was EyesСover. It was intended to smooth wrinkles, eliminate swelling of the eyelids, bags and and circles under the eyes, also tightening the skin. The woman was from Liverpool.. She told me that EyesСover can be both chilled and hot. She she enjoyed the former in the morning and the latter in the evening, wearing it for 15 minutes. And also I learned that she is 55 years old ! But her eyes and face looked like those of a 30-year-old! And the boy she was staying with wasn't her son, but her grandson. His grandmother had brought him on vacation.

This woman – or as I call her, my savior, - told me where can I get this mask of youth. So 2 weeks later I had a couple of masks EyesСover delivered, which I had ordered on the official website of the supplier.

A week after I started to use a mask EyesCover, I noticed the wrinkles smoothening

I began to apply the mask as the woman advised. For 15 minutes in the evening I wore the hot mask, and in the morning, 15 minutes of the chilled mask. Unlike other overadvertised methids, the masks started working immediately. The very next day I noticed that the skin under my eyes had perked up. Even my eyes sparkled!

A weeks later the changes were already clearly visible! Wrinkles had almost disappeared and no more bags under the eyes

Another week later, the effect was even more pronounced. Two weeks in, and the dark circles and bags had completely disappeared! Gone without a trace! My "crow's feet" had almost faded away, and even my largest wrinkles were almost entirely smooth. What a result!

After three weeks, it I can safely say that the skin around my eyes is radiant. 10 and even 15 years younger!

A month of using EyesCover. Now who can say that I am 50?!

After I achieved this, I have changed not only externally but also internally. I became more confident once again, allowing myself to look at people around the way I did when I was a young woman. And what looks I can boast now! Even putting aside the change in my appearance, I'm so grateful to EyesСover for this increased self-confidence and vitality!

Who could guess that the difference between these photos is a mere month?:)

That's the whole story. Of course, it is not something supernatural, but maybe someone will be inspired by it and try EyesCover for themselves. Once again I give a link to the official website, where I ordered EyesСover."

Official site EyesСover >>>

Valentine Offermann, Canterbury

  1. Inna | month ago | 13:25 writes:

    This one is a keeper! A very effective remedy for bags under the eyes! Fine wrinkles disappear fairly quickly, too.

  1. Thanks for the photos, too! It's great to actually see your excellent results !

    Girls ,write more about the results! I'm very interested.

  1. Hello! I am 45, and of course I have wrinkles around the eyes. I want to try the mask you write about; I liked your story and I want to remove those wrinkles and make my eyes beautiful again.

  1. I'll be sure to try it! And I'll be sure to write about the results! And all those who tried EyesCover, write about yours, too. Let us help each other

  1. One friend of mine brought me exactly the same from Thailand, the result is of course great! In just a month of use, too

  1. This is excellent! I learned about the mask almost by accident. Such things should definitely be more popular!

  1. This eye-mask is a miracle! Bags under the eyes are gone in a week !

  1. Ritta | month ago | 11:23 writes:


  1. A great result!

  1. Rose | three weeks ago | 17:18 writes:

    I'm a magazine editor. Every day I have to read a mountain of material. By the end of the day my eyes are red and watery. My daughter keeps asking, "Mom. Why are you crying?". My husband bought me this mask. I've used it a month, and I feel reborn! My eyes stopped swelling and tearing, wrinkles disappeared. And to think that before that I was thinking of quitting my job!

  1. Amanda | three weeks ago | 11:37 writes:

    I had horrible bags under the eyes, and so many wrinkles. EyesCover completely eliminated them in the past month! Even in the first week bags greatly diminished, and then completely disappeared. The result is striking, judge for yourself:

  1. A very noticeable effect! In Just a month? A great result! Thanks for the feedback)))

  1. Amanda | three weeks ago | 18:31 writes:

    Thank you for an article .

  1. The story is completely true. A woman at any age should strive for personal happiness. I'm 63, but I'm not going to give up! This is my result:

  1. You look great. Admirable results !

  1. Cow Zizi | two weeks ago | 13:51 writes:

    I work as a teacher. Eye strain is a given. I read through dozens of student notebooks, I write summaries of lessons, I read professional literature. By the end of the day my eyes hurt unbearably. For a long time I could not sleep. This eye-mask was my salvation. I use the hot mask before going to bed. It helps! After that I sleep like a baby. But the most interesting - eyes visibly rejuvenated!

  1. Tell me, if I have sensitive skin, can I use this mask?

  1. The manual says that it's made of hypoallergenic materials and certified in our country. No problem .

  1. Thank you !

  1. A very good product, clearly. I like that it's suitable for all skin types. I have hypersensitive skin, so that's very important for men. I will try it out, thank you !

  1. I'm so grateful for this information. I was looking for a long time for something like that. I ordered, and I look forward to receiving it! Thank you!

  1. Sandra | six days ago | 21:00 writes:

    I can't get enough of looking at myself in the mirror. This product is a miracle, nothing less. Used it for 2 weeks, I forgot that I ever had bags and circles under my eyes. It was amazing!

  1. So impressive !

  1. Anna | three days ago | 19:46 writes:

    Hello! I want to report that my mask is on the way! I hope it will deliver me from those wrinkles and bags under my eyes )))

  1. EyesCover is simply gorgeous! Excellent product.

  1. Hello :))) I think this would be a great gift to my mother :))) thank you!

  1. And how long does a package last?

  1. Very long. If you apply it carefully :))

  1. Amanda | yesterday | 22:05 writes:

    I bought it, and I love it! I've used it for 2 weeks. Indeed it has brought back my youth,!! Result below

  1. Recently my mother ordered it, and she's delighted !!! Such a powerful rejuvenating effect!

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